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The Tasks utility in transform Studio enables form designers and team leads to easily automate day-to-day operations and task management. In addition to creating tasks for your workforce, you can monitor their statuses and ensure they are completed on time to eliminate productivity losses. 

In this article, you will learn how to create, edit, and delete a task.

How to Create a Task

You can easily create individual tasks for your employees using the following steps. (For bulk task creation, refer to this guide.)

Step 1 - Make Sure You Have the Right App

Before creating a task, make sure you have the right app selected. Choose the one you wish to add tasks to by clicking on the app name below the +NEW MOBILE APP button.

Step 2 - Click on Tasks

On the left sidebar, click on Tasks. Next, click on Create New Task button (shown below) on the top right corner.


Step 3 - Enter Your Task's Particulars

Enter the following details in the Add New Task screen shown below:

  • Title: Type a meaningful title for the task you are creating.
  • Assigned to User(s): Start typing the name of the user you wish to assign a task to. You will need to configure a User Management Connector or Microsoft Azure AD connector beforehand. 
  • Attach a Form: If you wish users to fill a form as part of their task, click on the checkbox next to Attach a Form. Next, select a form from your app to attach to the task. 
  • Due Date: Set a due date for a task.
  • Description: Type a description which explains the task to app users. 
  • Webhook Callback URL: Each task can have a webhook callback URL associated with it. Whenever the status or any information of the task is changed, the URL will be called.
  • Approval Task: By selecting Approval Task, tasks displayed in makeen transform will show with the options Complete and Reject.

Step 4 - Click Save

Create your new task by saving the details you just entered.

How to Edit Task

Except for Assigned to User(s), all the details of a task can be edited. To make any changes to an assigned task, here are the steps you should follow: 

  • From Tasks, hover over the task you wish to edit until the Edit buttonappears. Click on it.
  • On the Edit Task page (shown below), make the changes you need.
  • Click on Save.


How to Delete Task

If you wish to remove a task from your app, you can easily do so with the following steps. 

  • From Tasks, hover over the task you wish to remove until the Delete buttonappears. Click on it.
  • Confirm deleting the task by clicking on the 'Yes' button in the popup. 

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